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adjustable build plate for use with mid sized flexvat

Build Plate For Medium Sized Drumhead Flexvat Or Other Size Compatible Vat: 90mm X 148mm Build Area With Build Plate Leveling.


This build plate is made to be used with the Medium Sized Drumhead Flexvat but can be used with any printer where the size of the build plate is smaller than the vat. This build plate has leveling capability built in making it usable with printers that do not have build plate leveling. The build plate can be mounted to a printer using the included 8 mm bolt and knob or the bolt and knob can be removed and the top assembly can be drilled (the part is solid) and bolted to an adapter.

This build plate is made from cast polyurethane with an aluminum face plate making it durable and chemically resistant.

Build area: 90mm X 148mm, Face plate to mounting surface (approx.): 42mm

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