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Medium Sized Drumhead Flexvat Kit , 4 FEP, 8 Gaskets, With 90mm X 148mm Adjustable Build Plate (80mm X 130mm Usable Build Area)


This medium sized Drumhead Flexvat is made of solid cast polyurethane and uses highly tensioned transparent teflon film (FEP) as the release material for the flexvats floor. When 3d printing using highly tensioned FEP as the vat floor the FEP film has the interesting property of acting like a flat and rigid surface when the build plate is dropped and an exposure is made but then behaves like a mechanical peeling mechanism when the build plate lifts between exposures. When the build plate lifts after an exposure the FEP film will lift slightly at points where the part being printed are sticking and peeling edges appear anywhere the part sticks to the film, because of this tilting or other peeling mechanisms are not needed or recommended when using this type of vat.

The "reservoir" design of the flexvat allows you to have more resin in the vat without having to worry about overflows, this design also gives the resin somewhere to go when the printers build plate is raised and lowered while printing. This flexvat is capable of maintaining very high tension on the FEP film without leaks or risk of film failure and also allows the FEP film to be re-tensioned as needed without your having to worry about focus or part sizes changing. Because the Drumhead Flexvat is constructed from cast polyurethane and aluminum it is extremely rigid, very durable and chemically resistant. The FEP film vat floor is also very long lasting (50 to 100 prints or more being typical).  

This Drumhead Flexvat can be used with printers that can project and focus layer images 18mm above the surface the 3d printer vat sits on. The aluminum face plate is 90mm X 148mm, the usable build area when used with the Medium Sized Drumhead Flexvat is 80mm X 130mm, the distance from the build plates face plate to it's mounting face is 42mm.

The Flexvat kit is shipped partially assembled so you can be printing in as little as 5 minutes.

The Drumhead Flexvat can be adapted to many 3d printers by creating an adapter or printer platform using these layouts:

Layout Information For Creating Custom Adapters Or Platforms For the Mid Sized Flexvat (DXF)

Layout Information For Creating Custom Adapters Or Platforms For the Mid Sized Flexvat (PDF)


Short video of 80mm X 130mm Drumhead Flexvat and adjustable build plate in use. 




Drumhead Flexvat Diagram (the tensioning bolts have been moved outwards for visibility)

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