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This store was created as a result of the surprising interest in the LittleRP Flexvat and the FEP material I sold on the website. It was a bit of the cart before the horse situation in that I caught a deal on a fair amount of FEP that seemed to have good specifications for use in flexvats. The FEP turned out to be pretty much the perfect material for the vats and because I caught a deal I was able to sell it to 3d printing DIY'ers for considerably less than they could get it from other sources (I have sold all of the original FEP I purchased and have since re-ordered directly from the manufacturer). I designed and built the flexvats basically because they were interesting projects, and of course, I did have some FEP laying around...

I can be reached via email by using the contact form below and please visit I update it as time permits.


Henry Locke


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