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FEP film used for the release layer for flexvats

FEP Film: This film is used as the release layer for DLP, SLA, LCD 3d Printer flexvats.


Please review the purchase limits below before ordering.

Chemours (Formerly Dupont Fluoroproducts) Teflon FEP Film For DLP, SLA, LCD 3D Printers, .005″ (.127mm) thick, 12″ (305mm) wide: 

.005″ (.127mm) thick, 12" (305mm) wide Transparent Type A General Purpose FEP Film,  Technical Info.  This Film is perfect for using as the release material for 3D printer resin vats. This FEP film can be used with DLP, Laser and LCD based printers.

This FEP film can also be used as the release layer for highly tensioned "drumhead" flexvats because of it’s strength and puncture resistance, Example 1, Example 2.

Over 9600 feet of FEP film sold to date!

Purchase Limits:

Only Quantity 1 orders for 1 to 5 feet of FEP film will be honored. Increasing the quantity in the shopping cart to produce multiple short lengths of FEP or to purchase more than 5 feet will result in your order being cancelled.

FEP film is not sold in sheets. The FEP film will be shipped in the length purchased rolled in a tube.

Purchase Limit: 5 feet every 30 days, purchases over this limit will be cancelled.