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Formlabs Form 1/1+ compatible resin vat/resin tray and build plate, FEP configuration, includes 3 FEP and Gasket sets and 2 Acrylic support plates. This vat can also be used with non Form 1 printers. 115mm X 115mm Build Area


There are two available configurations of this vat, PDMS and FEP the only difference between the configurations is the material used as the non stick vat window. Note that the vat configuration can be changed from FEP to PDMS at any time by changing the non stick window material.  Please note: when this vat is used with a Form 1 printer it must be used with the matching build plate assembly, attempting to use the vat with the standard Form 1 build plate assembly will result in damage to the vat the printer or both.

The FEP configuration of the vat is best used with "standard" 3rd party resins (resins that are not described as Form 1/2 compatible) such as Fun To Do, Makejuice SF etc.

Since FEP film is "stickier" than PDMS standard 3rd party resins work best when using the FEP film vat configuration.  Most standard 3rd party resins have a harder cure during printing which produces prints that are less prone to having layer separation problems during printing. Because of the hardness of the prints you can often use fewer supports which can cut down on the need for cleanup work on the finished print. Printing with most standard 3rd party resins will tend to yield prints that are less "green" after printing than prints made using Form 1/2 compatible resins so using 3rd party resins may lessen the need for uv post processing if prints are well cleaned after printing. Build plate adhesion is also improved since the FEP film can take a very high build plate adhesion layer exposure. Resin costs will, in general, be lower when using 3rd party resins.  This vat comes assembled with 1 FEP/gasket set and 1 acrylic support plate installed, 2 replacement FEP/gasket sets, 1 spare acrylic support plate and the build plate assembly.

When choosing 3rd party resins for use with the FEP release material you should use resin vendors standard resins rather than any resins that are described as "Form1/2 compatible".  You will need to use Preform OpenFL and custom material files when using this vat configuration for best results, OpenFL is a version of Preform that allows you to either use standard or custom resin profiles (see setting up and using Preform OpenFL).

Please See: Using the Form 1 compatible vat, Installing and using PreForm OpenFL *(this information will be available 8/17/17)

Assembly and setup of vat: FEP configuration.