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Formlabs Form 1/1+ compatible resin vat/resin tray and build plate PDMS configuration, includes 3 PDMS inserts. This vat can also be used with non Form 1 printers. 115mm X 115mm Build Area


There are two available configurations of this vat, PDMS and FEP the only difference between the configurations is the material used as the non stick vat window.  If you intend to use Formlabs resins exclusively or 3rd party "Form 1/2" compatible resins you should choose the PDMS configuration of this vat. If you intend to use "standard" resins (DLP resins etc) choose the FEP configuration.  The vat configuration can be changed from PDMS to FEP at any time by changing the non stick window material. Please note: when this vat is used with a Form 1 printer it must be used with the matching build plate assembly, attempting to use the vat with the standard Form 1 build plate assembly will result in damage to the vat the printer or both.

The PDMS configuration when used with Formlabs resins can be used as if it were the standard resin tray, the print settings and usage characteristics will be similar. Because only inserts are changed rather than an entire vat when the PDMS release layer wears out your "consumables" costs when using the PDMS version of the vat will be considerably less vs. the standard resin tray.  The PDMS vat insert can be used with standard third party resin but the release layer may wear out quicker when used with more reactive resins. This vat comes assembled with 1 PDMS insert installed, 2 replacement inserts and the build plate assembly.

This vat configuration can be used with Preform or Preform OpenFL software.

Please See: Using the Form 1 compatible vat, Installing and using PreForm OpenFL

Vat Setup



Build plate and vat printer setup